Friday, January 21, 2011



While you are thinking of your job search, some initiatives could help you to reach closer to “The Perfect Job” for you in the market.

One of those initiatives I think is the basic research!

Before you post your resume for different requirements on the job sites or networking sites, search for requirements suiting your skills, go thru the posting and gather the relevant information like Company / Vendor name, Recruiter name, Contact numbers, Website/URL and add them in a excel sheet. Do this research on the entire job postings between 3-6 months based on the number of search results. At the end, you will have a better understanding of the requirements in the market along with a list of companies / vendors that hire / service your skillsets and their exclusive recruiters who are searching for “The Perfect Resource”.

When you have a better understanding of the requirements available in the market, it makes you think and analyze whether you have carried out the relevant roles / responsibilities in your career which suits you to apply and get thru the stages of the interviews or not!

When you know the company / vendor name, do a basic research to understand their business in the market which could help you better to converse with the recruiter during the initial call regarding any opportunity with any of those companies in your list.

Keep adding the information list when you run a search on any of the job portals or talk to a recruiter which can help you to apply only for suitable and relevant requirements to improvise your hit ratio to achieve your goal.

Re-Search – helps you to avoid submissions for irrelevant jobs and makes your job search effective.

Research it!