Monday, December 20, 2010

For all Job Seekers ~ The Perfect Job!

For all Job Seekers!

$ Prepare a good resume – Project the technical skills (hands on), functional knowledge, certifications, soft skills, education, passport details (when you search for an overseas job), companies worked, etc,
$ Prepare yourself – Self preparation is more important on those projected lines in your resume
$ Post your resume – Find those active job portals in the country and register your resume
$ Networking sites – You may join those public networking sites to project your professional image to the world
$ Professional groups – You may join the groups available and explore yourself to new discussions and job opportunities.
$ Research – Search for those relevant job postings on the job portals or networking sites and a research on the company/recruiter
$ Application – Submit your resume to those relevant jobs that suits your skillsets and improvise the reach to your Perfect Job!
$ Ask Questions – Ask relevant questions to the recruiter to know more about the job
$ Follow-up – Send a mail to the contact to know whether your candidature is considered for the open role or request them to share the missing factor so that you can prepare yourself
$ Understand – You need to understand that finding The Perfect resource for the job is as difficult as you finding your Perfect Job! So be The Perfect resource and The Perfect Job will be there for you in the market place

We will analyse the above topics separately on a daily basis and do share your inputs/comments accordingly to discuss them further.

Prepare yourself! Boost your morale! Be at your Best! The Job is for YOU!!!

Wishes to all of YOU!
Gopi Karuna
Moderator – The Perfect Job group!