Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy First Birthday ~ "The Perfect Job"!!!

Dear “The Perfect Job” members,

Today Feb 29th, “The Perfect Job” has successfully completed 4 years on LinkedIn with an Objective to share “The Perfect Job” for the IT Professionals and “The Perfect Resource” for the Recruitment Professionals via the group.

So far, we have been sharing the job openings, market updates, career tips, etc.., without any SPAM content in our group and on this day I would like to appreciate all those members who have contributed for the betterment of “The Perfect Job” and its members by sharing valuable information via the group.

As always, we are pleased to invite the Recruitment Professionals to discuss / post / advertise / share “The Perfect Job” openings and the IT Job Seekers who are searching for “The Perfect Job” to share their interests via the group.

Your inputs / comments / feedback are always appreciated.

Thanks for being a part of “The Perfect Job” on LinkedIn.

Best Regards,